ABOUT - Robin Aronson


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I love what I do …

My passion for photography drives me to discover new personal strengths and technical skills that I might have not experienced otherwise.  Nature becomes opportunities.  Landscapes and people become transformed into the art and beauty that I get to capture.  I may not always return with the images that I wanted or imaged, but the experiences are worth it nonetheless.  The thrill of the search for perfect images also pushes me to put myself in situations that I may not attempt without my camera and my mission.

Photography has led me to view the world from new perspectives.  Not only do I visit new places, but I am motivated to get outside during times when I would normally be snuggled up inside, such as sunrise, sunset, and nighttime.  At these times the most interesting light fills the sky and I find myself setting early morning alarms to catch the spectacular natural beauties around me.  The adrenaline high hits me when I look at the back screen of my camera to see what I captured.  It is incredible.

Photography is therapeutic.  Going out to shoot clears my mind and soothes my worries. When I’m out, setting up to shoot a scene, I find that my mind is freed of my worries and distractions.  For that time, all that matters is freezing the moments in front of me and finding creative ways of capturing the beauty I see.

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